So..... What is Needle Felting Then

.... and how do you make those magical creations ?

It begins with an Idea ....... 

First, you just use a little imagination and find that shape to define it. Sometimes you need to create a solid frame for the larger creation. For the Phoenix I used a solid wire frame.

For simpler creations it can be pipe cleaner, or even jthe wool shape on its own.

Then you add some wool, a little Elbow Grease (and no small amount of needling), and begin building the shape.

Needle Felt is the process of turning raw wool into crafted form by manually using needles which push and thread the fibres together and allow you to bind the raw wool into shapes. 

Here you can see the early construction of the feet and the first leg ....

With your shape, and a starting point you keep adding the raw wool until you have your base shape.

Much of the initial process is using the needles to add, form, shape and build the basic form around the structure.

Here the entire frame is now covered and although this poor guy looks like a plucked chicken at the moment, he is now ready for his first phase of colour.

Next you begin to colorise your creation using specialist wools such as Merino and Wensleydale (no its not made from cheese!!)

The coasting of merino wool used here sets the tone for the many layers to come and becomes the template for the next few stages where we will begin adding the soft undercoat and feathering effects.

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