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Because little Faerie hands hate to be too idle

The Process of Creating...

21st June 2018

So this is my first blog post. Let me start at the beginning or at least the beginning of this latest adventure….

Life is a constant series of reinvention and experimentation. Failures, successes and just keeping trying allows and enables us to reinvent, re-experience and recapture a glimpse of who and what we truly are. Our soul or spirit is constantly trying to work with us in this limitless universe to find and express who we really are. In that glimpse we heal and offer a little hope as we travel along this crazy path. But before I get lost down the rabbit hole let me just hit the pause, breathe and simplify this part of my own adventure.

It all started with a book, no great surprise there, as I have always loved books to the extent of writing and publishing my own book several years ago – An Angelic Toolkit for the Spiritual Traveller. Sorry drifted off the plot there a bit!

Back on Point.

One Christmas, around 2 years ago, my husband and daughter bought me a book on needle felting and an accompanying kit. I had always admired felted pieces and loved their quirky, colourful and cosy nature.

I danced around starting my own felt piece, losing arguments with my self that said that I could never be able to make something recognisable as say a cat or anything that resembled anything other than a blob of terribly sad wool that had been assaulted by an extremely pointy needle!!

Stage 1 – Sitting Your Ass Down and Just Start

I started with a flat image of a daisy. Pushing through the doubt and lack of belief and fear that I would mess up, I made my daisy and felt really good. I maybe got this…..

Stage 2- Well I Never Have Been One to Follow Closely to Stages …….

Now a normal person would slowly move on to slightly more advanced pieces, say an egg shape. Nope not me, I love unicorns and chose to make that as my second piece. I never have been one to follow the rules of engagement. I guess I just get too overexcited.

I researched armatures, made one and slowly wove my wool lovingly around her frame. The constant feelings of amazement as you see your creatures coming to life are truly second to none. That sounds a bit Frankensteiny, “ Its Alive!!!” but its true, honestly it is. You are giving that little voice inside that tells you that ‘you will never do it’ and ‘just give up already’ a swift slap to the face with a wet kipper! Well that is how I sometimes visualise it…..

So that is how my beloved Etoile came to life. I named her, gave her a story and integrated my love of animal spirit guides into my needle felting. That is another important part of my work. I love to get a feel of each piece, feel the energy, live their story, write a little piece of it and pass it on to their new owners. I just want to share a little hope, healing, love, joy and imagination with everything that I create. It is important to me and hopefully will touch the hearts of those who share their lives with my little felt babies.

For the next two years I worked away, creating way too many projects sheets for stuff that I wanted to create and had the odd order for bears, owls, hearts, nuns, American footballers, orcs and other stuff. All the time, with each piece, I had to fight through the fear that I wasn’t enough or that I wouldn’t do the piece justice. You walk away, give it up, come back and sit with it for a while and gently cajole your ego into thinking that it has actually got this until…….. tah dah you are staring into the eyes of your creation.

Every time I am amazed and so very thankful. I know that I have so much support in spirit for my creative work but sometimes when you are down here doing your thing it can be hard to connect and believe in your fabulousness. And we all are pretty amazing really. We just have to believe it long enough for our spirit or soul to help us to see it and bring it into the physical.

This year I made the decision to take my guys on the road! Craft Fairs seemed to be the next step. With wobbly, excited legs and thoughts of ‘oh God what if no one likes my slightly weird interpretation of the world’, I set sail in the sea of fairs.

I designed my table with lots of whimsy, sparking lights and ways to make my babies do their thing. I printed out all of their stories, puffed up their wooly manes and pushed them nervously out on the stage.

I invited a lot of friends and people that I chat with in the coffee shop that I work in and they all came to my first fair. I was just so moved and truly thankful that everyone came out to support me. It truly meant so very much to me and will be a memory held close to my heart forever. Getting that support was amazing and helped push me on just that wee bit further.

I have been doing the odd craft fair since April this year and have met so many lovely crafters, artists and just generally lovely people out there sharing their magical visions. I like the world through their eyes.

I can’t undersell that feeling of connection when you move out of your solitary craft room and start to share time and space with other creatives. It connects you firmly to the world and makes your heart happy and hopeful. You are inspired and supported as you fumble away at your dream and method of expression, no matter how weird and wonderful that it may be. It just makes you smile and belong.

Now putting my business head on now it is hard to find your niche. I don’t think that my niche is necessarily country fair type places or pieces. I make stuff that I love, such as characters from my favourite films, Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter and old black and white horrors that I used to watch with my Dad on a Friday night.

Right from day one of adult work type stuff I wanted to heal so it is no surprise that I also integrate this aspect of self into my needle felt work. I create healing hearts, rainbow goddesses and wishing or holey stones amongst other healing focus items. I have been on a particularly steep healing curve myself recently, working through stress, anxiety and panic, so anything that I can do for self and others is of particular importance to me.

Every piece that I work on is dear to me in some way but I realise that most of the stuff is pretty specific in relation to the attraction of buyers. That will come in time as I learn and gravitate towards where I fit. My business head is still getting to grips with that side of things. Thankfully I have a grounded other half that helps me to navigate that kind of thing.

Meantime, I am just loving working on things that move and inspire me in the hope that they may do the same for others who look at or take them home. I visualise each piece in someone’s sacred space, where they put things that make them smile, think and connect to that space of creativity and imagination within. We need more of that I think in this world. We need to escape into that expansive space in order to flow better, to think intuitively and be in tune with what we and the world needs.

Oh I am getting back into the spiritual dreamy space again so I will stop for today I think!!

If you want to connect and chat please feel free to contact me here or on Facebook or Instagram. I welcome all who come to blether (chat in Scots tongue!!). Take care and speak soon x

A Magical Time at a Harry Potter Event!!!

7th August 2018

I have loved Harry Potter books and movies ALWAYS.  I have dragged my long suffering husband down to the Harry Potter Studios in London many a time now.  Every time that i travel the distance i find new things to inspire and enjoy.

I started to weave my love for all things Potter into my needle felting.  I started with the Niffler, who is now going to grace centre stage at a wedding in 5 weeks time!! Then I made six little figures of the students and companions.  Each was a joy as i crafted the egg base and sat about wondering how i could make this basic shape resemble its character.

Then i was contacted by a company that was arranging a Harry Potter themed 3 day event in Musselburgh, Edinburgh.  It was called the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!!  I at first couldn't believe how lucky i was and had to pinch myself.  It was an event where i could really see myself and my felt babies fit in. So i took a deep breath as i had never before worked at such a big event and took the plunge.  Wobbly legs and butterfly tummy just didn't do it justice!!

I had so much fun then planning all of the wonderful characters that i could bring to life.  My Fawkes the Phoenix had just been completed so he would serve as a wonderful centrepiece to my table.  I dreamt up of my spell focus spell stones to help the young witch or wizard channel their magical powers.  My love of Snape caused me to create an Always Heart felt stone to celebrate and share the love for this character, story and actor.  I was having a Potterhead ball!!!

By the time the event came around i felt ready.  The 3rd of August came and myself and my husband Steven set off for the big smoke......

We drove in through the gates and was met with the sight of the beautiful Loretto School with the Weasleys Ford Anglia parked outside.  To say my excitement hit overdrive was an understatement!!  then we saw our home for the next three days, the magical marquee...

Inside were chandeliers, wooden floor and draped white canvas.  I found my table and immediately set about creating my magical space.  I had redesigned my house to contain an Owlery, No.12 Grimmauld Place for the Order of the Phoenix characters, the Great Hall for all of the teachers and Snape's Potion Class for the students.  

So as to keep an eye on them, i set up the villains of the piece on centre and front stage on a golden plinth!  Alongside them stood the six character from Fantastic Beasts.  Fawkes and Niffler sat atop their perch to observe and cast their magical gaze over proceedings.  The spell focus stones nestled inside their basket ready to inspire and create!!

My flying keys garland hastily made the night before hung across my table and looked pretty special even tho it was held together with willpower and sticky tape!!! My new felted Fairytale Dream Felts banner was put into position underneath the display.  It was ready.....

When i saw the first people flow through the tent it was amazing.  The atmosphere was truly magic.  I heard a tinkling of music in the the background and knew that we had just entered such a magical time and space.

Throughout the weekend i chatted with children and adults alike asking who their favourite characters were, what was their favourite moments from the books and/or films?  It was a game for them to look into my Hogwarts house and try to name all of the wee felt characters.  Thankfully most got it it first time!  Phew!!!!

It was just great to share my love of all things Harry Potter and to see everyones face light up as they shared their experiences and love.  The smiles were amazing and will never leave my heart.  It just felt like i was in the right place sharing something so special with everyone who passed through the magical marquee!!

I know that everyone who took home a piece of my work will love and cherish them.  I hope that it will inspire them to weave and create their own stories and adventures.

there was one stand out and special moment when i spent time with a lovely pair of friends. They were fabulous and inspirational.  They gave me the chance to look and feel around my work and pieces in such a different way.  One of the girls was visually impaired and experienced the world in different and magical ways.  Through her senses i came to a different understanding and appreciation of my felt work.  The texture, shape, shaping all came to life and become so important in allowing for deeper more profound exploration of the pieces.  It is something that i am now aware of and will seek to incorporate into my work as much as i can.  Magic and learning hide around every corner of this event it seemed...

Around the Magical Marquee we saw cosplay artists mingle and interact with attendees and vendors alike.  We had Mad Eye Moody, Professor McGonagall, a magical unicorn and centaur, Fat Lady, Mandrake, Snape, Rita Skeeter, Death Eaters, Hagrid, Fleur and many many more!  The attendees also made tremendous costumes as well.  I remember seeing many Slytherins, Hufflepuffs, Gryfindors and Ravenclaws!!  On the last day a rather tremendous phoenix came in with an equally wonderful mother dressed as Rita Skeeter!!  

All in all it was just such an immersive and special event to be a part of.  I managed to geek out for a whole three days and spend time with many many people who got it.  that just can't be beaten.

I hope that my table and gallous banter helped make the day more special and that those who saw and took away my felt babies will smile at the memories created that day.

I felt finally and magically at home..........My letter to Hogwarts is in the post......carried by Errol of course as he is just the coolest owl :)

What is in a name?

16th August 2018

Recently i have thought about changing the name of my business.  I have questioned whether Fairytales and dreams reflect what i am creating and working towards.  Is it too airy fairy, whimsical and trite?

Then i stopped and had a look at what fairy tales mean to me.  As i have grown up i have observed the Disney treatment of great tales.  it was all pink toy aisle kinda stuff and directed thoughts towards a simple, unquestioning sort of existence.  If you look at the originals they are pretty dark!

i am slowly waking up to the truth of fairy tales and what they have been used for throughout time.  They are the vehicles of ancient wisdom.  They have been passed down through generations as a way of keeping the lore or great knowledge in living, breathing form.  They have been kept alive by the storytellers, the weavers of dimensions of space and time. The tale is an honoured and truly powerful thing.

It has been subject, however, to great suppression, obliteration and rewriting by the political and religious powers though time and space.  All was contained within the changing dogmas of humanity.  The storytellers went underground and struggled to keep the ancient wisdom alive in a world that sought to change and control it.

I love travelling and finding out the tales told in each part of the world.  I have begun to read about how this craft and magical tool has been subverted and used by some. I get so frustrated when i learn that so much has been lost by the arrogance and ignorance of those who condemn ancient lore as contrary to whatever belief happens to be prevelant at any given time.  So much has been lost by suppression of ancient storytelling.  

The fairy tale is a conduit to the past, a more intuitive, magical, creative and natural time where all was known to be connected and flow was maintained through communication and verbal tales.

So i reclaim the fairytale from Disney and the like and am proud to keep this as part of my felting business name.  I hope to weave my own stories through each piece as a way of passing ancient and magical wisdom everywhere i go.

The next part of my name is that of Dreams.  Here i know that much work can and is done in the dreamscape.  Freud aside, we are at our most awake, powerful and connected when held within the dream.  We have the chance to release all that is physical and engage our spiritual and universal sides.

In dreams we connect to the collective unconscious and learn, teach and heal.  We travel without need of our physical bodies and need no passports to move though the world and universe writ large.  In short, dreams are pretty damn cool!

So i say to my wobble, my questioning as to whether anyone will take my craft business seriously given my rather whimsical, girly name, i say pooey!!  The true gritty tale reflects powerful messages and a connectivity that spans generations.  it brings peoples together in shared bonds and i think that is precisely what the world needs right now.

If i can inspire even a small portion of the energy of a fairytale then i will be creating my hearts desire, for us all to look upon the world and universe as one interconnected whole.  To see our part in it and wonder how we can use our powers of creation and imagination.  We inhabit an maginarium of such potential, we just have to trust our own story and step into it.  

Together we can weave a story that is the stuff of magic and dreams.  I am breathing life to my small part of this magic by making my little felt babies.  It is how i connect and communicate to this world, so the name most definitely stays.

Developing my presence online and off....

1st March 2019

I have been working away recently to plan this years events and challenge myself to do new and varied things!  To that end i have booked to work at my first big Comic Con in Edinburgh, a Goth Weekend in Whitby, more Harry Potter shenanigans, a horror con and a sci-fi con..... and breathe!!

At the same time of making all of my felt goodies i have to keep an eye on promoting and growing the awareness and use of my growing business.  There is lots to learn and unlearn.  My photography skills and layout designs need to be developed.  My online face needs loving care to be seen, grow and blossom into full bloom.  Yeh lots to do.... and again breathe!!

I think when you start working on something that you love it helps to keep that forward motion.  At times you do feel as if you are fighting against the tide and you need that strong internal drive and motivation to keep persevering.  It helps when you enjoy what you do.  I love working on my felt babies and showing them off the others online and at the conventions that i attend.  I also love meeting fellow humans who are passionate about storytelling and imagination.  It makes me so happy to see everyone excited about sharing their loves and passions.  It adds fuel to my own.

I never want to get jaded with what i am doing.  I can see a growth path in front of me but i also know that it will follow as yet unseen directions.  That is cool.  It would be boring to know everything that is ahead!!

So on i go taking time out to ponder and try new ways of getting my felt characters out into the world.  Imagination and creativity are so important.  Telling our tales and expressing what is inside is so needed in the world right now and i hope that the pieces that i make can inspire imaginings amongst my followers and customers past, present and future xxx

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